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Travel is in my soul

Hi! I’m Isobel, Welcome to the Expat Queen Blog. I share my life with my very patient funny husband and two pensioner bulldogs. In addition.…


Settling into life In Abu Dhabi didn’t take long – 2

Making friends to settle in Settling into Abu Dhabi didn’t take long. Going to the Sheraton daily became routine. This was where other expat wives…


Happiness – finding happiness by letting go

Happiness is an inside job for sure. Finding happiness by letting go, may sound strange, however, it makes perfect sense. Creating happiness is a constant…


Goals and Dreams – 6 Successful Tips

Goals and dreams are something we all have at some level. For instance, I heard a statement last week that really inspired me to write…


Learning to settle into a new life in Abu Dhabi – 1

Learning to settle into a new life as a new expat in Abu Dhabi wasn’t easy initially, although it didn’t take long. A new life…


The Moulin Rouge – an evening of fun

Moulin Rouge and an evening of fun. How could I say no? My husband surprised me with a trip to Paris for my 50th Birthday.…