Blogging – how to start and stay sane in the process

Blogging is a big world. What a massive learning curve this past couple of months have been. Start a Blog they said, it’s easy they said. When technology isn’t a strong point, I beg to differ. Hopefully, by sharing this journey so far, you may feel inspired to start your own and consequently pick up some tips along the way. This blog is still a work in progress, therefore I will continue to share new information as and when.

Technology stress and blogging

Technology stress is common. People have been known to swear at their computer or even hurl it across the room. This is the extreme, however, it may resonate or sound familiar. Frustration reigns as technology moves forward at an epic rate. Consequently, it can be hard to keep up. Old people in shops struggle with the whole contactless experience. I wonder how they cope with new technology?

How to deal with blogging stress

Everyone feels stress at some point. A little bit of stress is normal and natural and gives the impetus to get the job done. If you feel stress levels building at the computer it’s time to take a step back. Switch off your brain as well as the computer. Move away from the screen, do something different such as:

  • Read a book or magazine
  • Meet a friend for coffee or lunch
  • Work out
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Do some yoga
  • Travel somewhere nice
  • Have a reflexology or Reiki session

Do anything that shifts the mindset into a more positive direction. Practice tuning into your mind and body. Learn to listen to signs and symptoms that all is not well. Most importantly take action immediately.

Get to know your blogging stress triggers

Stress triggers are unique for each person. Getting to know what pushes your stress buttons is important for overall wellbeing. In addition, workaholic tendencies or pushing beyond personal limits makes it worse. Subsequently, if technology is a stressor, then make sure to have de-stress techniques in your wellbeing toolbox.

Back to blogging

Let’s get going because you’ve decided to start a blog of your own. Firstly know what you want to blog about. Secondly, make sure it’s a topic you can write about regularly. Most importantly, one you actually love and enjoy. Take time to think this through. Ask yourself what fires you up and gives you joy? What can you write about constantly yet not get fed up? Writing about things you are not passionate about is boring!

Choosing a Blog name

Choose a relevant name. One that stands the test of time. Blogging takes commitment, patience, perseverance and a good chunk of time. A blog name needs to continue to be relevant to the topic. Above all, be clear on the reasons for starting a blog. Many people do it as a hobby, others to make money, and for some, it’s a full-time job. In addition, you’re going to need some spare cash to start. Make sure to choose the right platform. and are different. My personal choice is

This is where I have spent money so far:

  • Hosting for the blog (monthly or yearly)
  • Theme (make sure it is responsive and compatible on all devices)
  • Site maintenance

Free images

Appealing images are an important part of blogging. Lovely free images can be found on Pexels, and Pixabay, among others. Paid images are available on Shutterstock. Using your own images is a great idea.

Images can also be created on:

  • Canva
  • Picmonkey offer a free trial


Boredom sets in quickly with many bloggers, therefore they give up quickly. Posting now and again shows inconsistency. Most importantly, write regularly, keep going. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up or get hung up on the length of posts. Remember quality over quantity wins every time. Stay consistent because people are likely to continue to read your posts.

Getting into SEO world

This is a vast subject probably worthy of a separate blog itself. Besides, there are tons of blogs out there full of valuable, useful information. In addition, this is another area that can cause overwhelm and stress because of the sheer amount to learn. The brain absorbs and processes information every second of the day. Learning something new takes repetition. Tune into your mind and body to recognize when overwhelm is on board.

Chunk information down

Chunk information down when learning something new. Set realistic achievable goals and acknowledge small successes along the way. Small wins are just as important as big ones. Mistakes are a normal and natural part of the learning process. So what if you get something wrong. Use the experience to improve and do better next time. Sometimes the best teachers are our last mistakes!

Staying motivated

Staying motivated is key to keep your blog alive. Posting every few months, or whenever you feel like it shows you don’t care about it. Why should anyone bother to read or care about your blog if you don’t? High motivation levels and a positive mindset keeps you on track, therefore find out what motivates you? Common motivators are:

  • watching TedX speakers
  • listening to positive podcasts
  • networking with like-minded people
  • buddy up with fellow bloggers
  • join groups that have an interest in your topic
  • create positive affirmations
  • self-hypnosis is fabulous
  • acknowledge how far you’ve come

Managing your time

Blogging about something you love is incredibly enjoyable. It’s easy to spend a few hours writing, therefore, it goes by in the blink of an eye. We’ve all heard of work, life balance. The same rules apply to blogging. Make sure time is spent on other things. Most importantly sitting at a computer isn’t great for your body, so get up every 20 minutes and move. I keep an exercise step beside my computer and every 20 minutes I stop and exercise for 10 minutes. Even better, go for a long walk to clear your head.

In conclusion, the subject of blogging is huge. It is impossible to cover all aspects of this in one blog. However, dealing with technology stress when it arises will be helpful in allowing creativity to flow.

How do you deal with technology stress if relevant for you?

If you have enjoyed this blog, please feel free to read others on the site. In addition, if you need a little guidance, help, motivation and support, get in touch. I offer coaching sessions online wherever you are in the world.


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