Las Vegas in four days

Las Vegas

Las Vegas here we come! I’m always on the lookout for a good deal, and I was particularly interested in one that came up on the Bliss Travel website and snapped it up quickly.

Although we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year in Venice, taking a trip down memory lane was irresistible. New York and Las Vegas hold special memories for us. My husband proposed to me while attempting to skate on the ice rink at Central Park, and we married at The Little Chapel of the Flowers Las Vegas. Consequently, it was a no brainer when this package popped up. 

What to wear in Las Vegas in February

There’s a big difference in travelling to both places in February compared to August, so we had to plan carefully to make sure we got it right. Much googling and sofa surfing later, a packing list was put together. We are way past clubbing age, so no need to think about nightclub clothes. 

Packing for a trip to Las Vegas

I took my padded Ted Baker pale pink jacket.  This jacket turned out to be absolutely perfect because both the hotel and the evenings were cool.  As a result, this jacket was worn day and night and could easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories. 

Two casual sweaters 

Three or less other sweaters that could be dressed up or down

A dressy scarf, and a warm cashmere pashmina that doubled up as a cosy cover up on the flight 

Dressy jeans to mix and match with the above

Casual leggings/trousers in navy and black 

Elegant and stylish dress for dinner or show

Comfortable shoes

Pair of dressy shoes for evening

Footwear tips for walking the strip in Las Vegas

Comfortable footwear is an absolute must! Let go of any expectations of strolling around the strip in high heels and not suffer the consequences. The fact is that there is so much to see and do that you will likely walk further than you think because you will want to see everything! 

Geox trainers with a slight heel were perfect for this trip. Trimmed in Rose Gold they matched my Ted Baker jacket perfectly. To be honest I wore my wedge boots the most and was able to walk miles in these without any aches or pains. Sore feet can ruin a holiday so think about footwear carefully. Gel and padded inserts are also a good idea to take along. 

Virgin Airlines

The Virgin airline flight left Gatwick around 10 am. During the flight we were fed constantly. Staff on the flight were friendly, warm, approachable and the meal was good quality for airline food. Great movies were available to watch in between napping. We were even given a retro Fab ice lolly. Eleven hours later the plane was touching down at McCarron airport. 

Transferring from the airport was easy because the taxi rank was just outside. Taxis were plentiful and speedy, therefore we were in the hotel within 20 minutes. Check in was quick and within one hour of arrival we were in our room. 

The Luxor Hotel

Las Vegas
The Luxor Hotel

Located at the Southern end of the strip the Luxor hotel is close to the Mandalay Bay Hotel on one side and the Excalibur Hotel on the other. Both are linked via monorail.  

The Excalibur Hotel
The Excalibur Hotel

Rooms are spacious. Older rooms are a little tired and dated, however, you are able to upgrade to newer rooms. The prices for this upgrade started at $20 per night.  

Built in the shape of a huge pyramid, 30 storeys high, with 4,407 rooms. The Luxor has the largest atrium in the world and a Casino on the ground floor. Good for those that like to gamble. With so much going on within the hotel to keep you entertained, make sure to get out and about.  

Swimming pools were empty due to the cold weather season, however, there are a few. The Spa area was busy constantly along with the wedding chapel. A beam of light shines out of the top of the pyramid at night and is said to be the strongest beam of light in the world.


Almost all of the hotels in Las Vegas have fabulous shows to attend. The Blue Man Group and Fantasy (not for children) and the Carrot top comedy show were on during our visit. In addition, the Titanic Exhibition was interesting with various artifacts from the Titanic on display therefore well worth going to see. 

Cold Hotels

One of the first things I noticed about the Hotel was how cold it was. Air conditioning blew cool air throughout the hotel, therefore I was super grateful for my light jacket. However, thankfully ACs in the bedrooms are adjustable and we turned ours off most of the time. 

We felt slightly disoriented at times in the Luxor Hotel as there are no windows in the lobby and the Hotel is quite dark, consequently, you don’t know whether it is day or night half the time.

Our body clocks were slightly off-kilter therefore, we decided to go for a light meal at Diablos Cantina in the Hotel, and had an early night ready for the next day.

And so it begins

Waking up early, our days started with a Starbucks and croissant, or breakfast outside.  After that, we then headed out to explore the local area and different hotels in the vicinity. The strip itself is only about 4 miles in length and there are many hotels along the way. In other words, you can see much just by walking along the strip.

Las Vegas

Each hotel has its own individual flavour and we were linked to the Mandalay Bay. In my opinion, I would say that the Mandalay Bay is a nicer hotel than the Luxor, however, to be honest it depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Above all there are hotels to suit all budgets. Floating on a gondola in the Venetian hotel was an interesting comparison to our Gondola ride in Venice because the singers in the Venetian serenaded everyone. This is not the case in Venice.

Late one afternoon we visited the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay hotel. With over 2,000 species in its tanks from turtles, sharks, and much more, we enjoyed a bit of quiet time strolling through here. 

Just as our last visit ten years ago, the energy of Las Vegas was buzzing from the moment of arrival. Neon lights are flashing and showgirls popping up everywhere in colourful feathers and plumes.

 Visiting the Bellagio hotel for a meal overlooking the fountains is a lovely romantic evening out. This was a fabulous trip down memory lane as we stayed here as part of our honeymoon.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, the exchange rate was not in our favour this time round. Consequently, there was no need to take an empty suitcase. There are plentiful malls and all types of shopping in Las Vegas, from high end shopping down to Outlet Malls. Therefore, there is something for everyone. One of our favourites was the Fashion Show Mall.  Similarly, Hotels also have a huge range of shopping experiences, with some top name boutiques in the Venetian such as Jimmy Choo and Tory Birch amongst many.

Eating Out

Whatever your budget you will find a wide range of food available everywhere. Steaks, Japanese, Chinese, traditional burgers and American style food, Italian and much more. On our anniversary we enjoyed a beautiful anniversary meal in the Venetian at Tao, in addition, we also visited the very casual Chinese Panda Express twice during our visit. Menu choices here are labelled healthy choices, calorie counted, very delicious, particularly the spicy prawns which were huge, spicy and very tasty.

The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas
The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

What to see and do in Las Vegas

With so much to see and do in Las Vegas you are guaranteed not to be bored.  Here are some popular things to do in four days in Las vegas:

Visit Freemont St 

Take a walk to all the different hotels as each offers a unique experience

See a show

Go on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon

The high roller at The Linq

Ride a limo

Watch the fountain display at the Belaggio

Play Golf at the new Golf Hotel


Boredom is not an issue in Las Vegas. With so much to do, there is no excuse. We had already been on the Helicopter ride from Mavericks over the Grand Canyon and enjoyed a champagne breakfast. As a result, we were taking a nice slow leisurely pace this time (ten years older and wiser).

Above all, in conclusion, have fun and enjoy every moment in Las Vegas. If you enjoyed reading this blog feel free to comment or to visit the others on the site.


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