Goals and Dreams – 6 Successful Tips


Goals and dreams are something we all have at some level. For instance, I heard a statement last week that really inspired me to write this Blog.  The statement was “I am way too old now to work on my goals and dreams”! Firstly, the truth is you are never too old to hold a big vision of of your life and what you want to be, see and do. Secondly, goals and dreams, are something we may find ourselves working on throughout life, therefore, they are a wonderful way to work on personal growth and development.

Keeping up the momentum to keep working on your goals

Isn’t it interesting that at certain times of the year motivation levels are high. New Year being a prime example. However, as the year moves forward motivation begins to wane. After that, old habits and excuses creep in. In other words, goals and dreams, seem like a distant memory. Subsequently, everything slows down because the momentum is lost. This may be the perfect time to revisit your big vision again.

Setting clear goals

Research from the University of Scranton states that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions/goals/dreams or aspirations. Why is that? In the same vein, many people set goals without a clear idea how to implement them. Others set goals that are just not achievable for them personally or professionally.


It’s important to know what your goals are and what you want

Clarity is important because it enables you to set powerful yet realistic goals with a higher success of making them happen. After that, it’s all about taking action every single day. Firstly, it is a true saying that “if you keep doing the same thing, you will continue to get the same results”. Secondly, without clarity being in place, the mind becomes scattered, because goals become diluted. As a result, this leads to moments of confusion.

6 successful goals setting tips to help you

Here is a great way for you to breathe life into your goals and dreams.

Make sure to create space in your day to work on these tips. They help to keep the momentum going. Ensure you let go of anything that is holding you back so that you are full of energy to work on your vision. If the mind is in several places at the same time, focus will be compromised.

Establish your core values before setting goals

It is recommended that you have your core values established. This is generally the first stumbling block due to not understanding what values are.

A value is something that holds great importance to you, therefore, something you believe in 100%, stand by and hold in your heart. These are generally in the area of:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Personal growth and development
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Honest
  • Integrity

Working with values

Once values are established, place them in order of priority. Start at number 1 being top priority and so on. Doing this helps you to get moving on the most important areas straight away.

Spend time reflecting on top values


Reflect on the top values regularly, in addition, how they impact your life. Why and how do these values matter to you?  For example, health as a number one value carries over and impacts all other values. Without health, other values may not be possible i.e. travel or adventure. Interpret your values personally because this has the biggest emotional charge and therefore is a great motivator towards change.

Asking the right questions to help establish your goals

Below are key questions to ask to help you along:

  1. What do I truly want?
  2. The reason I want it?
  3. Which changes do I need to make to my life to make this happen?
  4. Are these goals in alignment with my core values, moral and ethical principles?
  5. How do I feel when I do things that go against my value system?

It is evident that successful and happy people set goals that are in alignment with their value system.  Many also have their own “Mission Statements”. Create a mission statement that is unique and personal to you. Reflect on this daily. Don’t rush because direction is more important than speed.


Some examples are:

  • I want to make a difference to the world
  • To be the best version of myself possible
  • Live my life in alignment with who I am as a person
  • Continue working on my own personal growth and development
  • Live a life of truth and integrity

An exercise to nudge you along

Think about seven areas of your life where you would like to bring about positive change. Create Mission Statements for each one.  This may be in the areas of:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health and wellbeing
  3. Free time
  4. Personal growth & development
  5. Career
  6. Spirituality/faith/connection
  7. Financial flow

Unleash your imagination

Now that you have written your Mission Statements you have more clarity. As a result, you will find it easier to set goals and dreams around each one. Create a special time in your day to write your goals.  Unleash your imagination. Allow the mind to flow with ideas and possibilities.  

Awaken your visualization

When the negative voice of self-doubt whispers in your ear, stop for a moment. Visualize achieving your goals and dreams. Bring all the senses into the visualization. See it, feel it, touch it, smell it. The taste of success is delicious. Make it as real as possible. Consequently, this helps to adjust the mindset towards a better and more positive direction.


There are so many great ways to work on goals. Some people love to work on goals visually by creating a vision board.  I am a huge fan of Vision Boards and create them regularly.

Creating a vision board

To create a Vision Board collect as many images, quotes, and photographs that inspire you and get you fired up.  Place these on a blank canvas. Section areas off according to the goals. For example health, wealth, travel, family and so on. Be really creative with colours, and anything that you find motivational and inspirational.  Place the board somewhere that it can be seen every single day.

Keep watering the seed

If a seed is planted in fertile ground and not watered, it will die. The same applies to goals and dreams. Nurture the seeds to allow them to grow. Above all, take action daily, no matter how small.  In addition, powerful and positive affirmations are a great way to do this.

Be vigilant

Keep your mindset and attitude in control.  Stay in the growth zone as much as you can because this is where the growth is, therefore where the magic happens.

Become an expert at turning negatives into positives. Listen carefully to the words you use daily.  Words such as should, try, and can’t are very self-limiting. Most importantly, the “but” word. Pay attention to the statement that follows. Generally it is a negative one.

Lack of self confidence

It is natural to have a few stumbling blocks along the way. Perhaps this may be due to a lack of belief in your capabilities or true potential. When this happens, write down all your achievements in life in a journal. Review this achievement list regularly, therefore, acknowledging how far you have come so far. As a result, motivation and inspiration re-awakens.

Be with people that believe in you

Not everyone will be thrilled that you are making monumental life changes and transformations. In other words, let that be okay. Above all, in the big plan of life, it doesn’t matter if others don’t share your enthusiasm. Most importantly, don’t allow other people’s comments or attitudes dampen your spirits. This is your journey, not theirs.


Letting go

You may find that you are “letting go” of certain people or situations.  How exciting to create a big and wonderful space for new people, and opportunities to enter your life. Similarly, be discerning with who you choose to share your precious time and energy with, because not everyone deserves a seat at your table in life. In other words, if people are putting you down, belittling you, do you need these people in your life anyway?

Be your own champion

Stay motivated to continue to working on yourself daily.  Consequently, Small steps today lead to big results tomorrow.  Moreover, keep believing in yourself. As a result, your life will present wonderful opportunities for further growth and development.  Reflect on the fact that you are full of unlimited potential. Certainly, one of the biggest obstacles to stand in the way can be yourself!

I wish you lots of luck, happiness and joy in achieving all of your goals, dreams.  Remember you are worthy always. This is your time to shine, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It is time to inhale the future and exhale the past.

What has been your biggest challenges so far in creating powerful, positive change?

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