Happiness – finding happiness by letting go

Letting go

Happiness is an inside job for sure. Finding happiness by letting go, may sound strange, however, it makes perfect sense. Creating happiness is a constant work in progress. Clutter clearing is a great way to make space for positivity to enter your life.

January is a month where people are supercharged with New Year motivation.  The energy is buzzing with positivity, hope, intention, and planning for the year ahead.  Consequently, the search for happiness continues. This is a time people reflect on what they want to do, where they want to go and what they want to be. Some do that via Vision Boards, mind maps and affirmations.

Happiness can’t be found when stuck in a rut

In my line of work, February and March are busy months. Clients start to present with feelings of failure, stuck in a rut, in addition, all of those good intentions for the year ahead seem to have gone on holiday and not come back.  As a result, old habits creep back in, and procrastination and excuses have become normal behaviour. The New Year goals and intents have slipped.

Getting your motivation and happiness mojo back

So how do we keep the the energy of New Year alive throughout the year? There are many reasons why motivation slips. Life gets busy and cluttered, as a result, overwhelm sets in. So much to do, and so little time left to do all the things you had planned way back in January. One of the most important things to consider, is to create space .

Here are 5 things to let go of to get motivation juices flowing again:

Let go of Clutter to make room for happiness, energy and opportunity

Have a good clutter clear. This includes the environment you live in and people you choose to associate with.  Getting rid of stuff you no longer need or require allows fresh energy and opportunity to flow into your life.

Take a good long look in your wardrobe.  How many outfits are hanging there that you have not worn in the past year. Bag them up and take them to the Charity shop or sell them online.

Look around your home.  If you have objects that you dislike, put them to one side. Re-gift them, sell them, or pop them in the Charity shop bag.  Do you have papers, books strewn everywhere?  Buy some pretty boxes and labels and get organized. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Let go of Grudges and Resentment to find happiness again

These two emotions are damaging for your overall emotional health and wellbeing.  The energy attached to these feelings are very draining because they rob you of focusing your attention in a happier, productive way.

Sitting in resentment stops you from having clarity on working on yourself personally or professionally.  It is impossible to feel an ongoing feeling of positivity when holding onto resentment. 

Life happens, people play up, disappointments and betrayal may present themselves in relationships.  Can you change what has happened? No!  Can you change how you choose to feel about it? Yes!  It serves no purpose to hold onto resentment or grudges.  You are wasting your precious time and energy which could be spent elsewhere. 

Letting go of Social Media Addiction

In the busy world that we live in, our lives are surrounded by digital technology. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Some of my clients have admitted to being “addicted” to Social Media because they find themselves getting lost for hours in the Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other apps. 

How are you choosing to spend your time?

If this resonates with you, ask yourself if what you are choosing to do with your time is getting you closer to where you want to be in terms of your plans for the year?  Is it going to make you financially free? Is it bringing you joy and happiness? Would you like to travel more? Do you feel fabulous when you come off Social Media?  Your answers will give you clues as to some changes you may need to make to your life.


Perhaps it may be time to let go of the amount of time spent on your devices. Be strict with yourself and allocate specific time limits and stick to them.

Reconnect with nature.  Go for a walk in the fresh air.  Connect with real people face to face.  Join interest groups and socialise outside of the home  away from the screen. 

Switch off the TV

Are you careful what you are exposing your mind to?  Do you spend time watching TV programmes that add no value to your life?  Is there something better you could do with your time?  Choosing to switch off the TV can free up huge pockets of time.

Life passes quickly, therefore, each day is a blessing.  Why waste precious moments sitting for hours in front of a TV?  If this is something you do then watch documentaries, or something that feeds your soul, nourishes your mind, or inspires you in some way.  What you are feeding your mind is as important as what you feed your body.

Use the extra time created to study something you have always wanted to learn.  Exercise more, see a friend, take up a hobby.  Above all, anything that gives you pleasure and an element of personal growth and development.

Choosing to Let Go of Grief and Sadness

The loss of a loved one leaves a big empty void which can be painful.

What would your loved one want you to do?  In most cases, they would want you to continue to live your life and to be happy as much as you can be.

We are not taught how to deal with grief and sadness

How do we let go of grief, sadness and pain?  Is this something that is part of the School Curriculum? Similarly, is this something we have been taught how to do? The answer to both questions is NO.   Those tools are not in our toolbox of life. As a result, we fall back to our learned default behaviour.


Fortunately, as a trained Grief Recovery Specialist I was able to help myself through the loss of my parents, therefore able to help others deal with their loss.  Many others may end up burying or suppressing emotions that consequently pop up later.

Keep moving forward. If you feel that you are unable to participate fully in life, seek out professional support to get the help you need.

A Gratefulness habit helps to cultivate happiness

Be grateful, not just for the big things in life, but for the small things too. Gratefulness invites abundance on all levels. Wake up in the morning and write a list of all that you are grateful for. In addition, do the same at the end of the day because this helps to keep positivity and motivation levels high.

Every day is an opportunity to start fresh.  Therefore, don’t carry over negative events, thoughts or feelings into the next day.  Above all, wake up with a smile, announce that “this is a new day, and intend to make it a good and happy one”.

Intention infused with happiness is a very powerful force indeed.

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Have a happy day!


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