Menopause – Ten Ways to Stay cool on holiday


Menopause and holidays can be challenging. Holidays are a time to do as much or as little as you want. To forget every day responsibilities of life such as housework, jobs, and all the other things on the daily “to do” list.  Holidays are a time to kick back, relax and chill. However, being in menopause at the same time can give a very different experience.  Staying cool brings new challenges.

Menopause and your internal thermostat

While in menopause it may feel that your internal thermostat has a mind of its own. As a result enjoying precious holiday time may be compromised. This Blog was written beside the pool while I was mid menopause. Sitting in the shade with a cool flannel on the back of my neck. I felt compelled to share ways for you to have a more comfortable time while you are on holiday.  If you discover more “cooling” methods feel free to share.   

Wearing cotton and linen while in menopause

The truth is the least clothes you can get away with wearing the better. Apart from going naked that is.  Cotton and linen is cooler and more comfortable than horrible synthetic or polyester fabrics because they are natural fabrics. Leave skin tight body hugging clothes at home in a hot climate because as they stick to your skin and may not be helpful if hot flushes are an issue.

Wear layers

Dress in layers because restaurants and other areas may have air conditioning. Consequently, while this can be welcoming, it can also feel too cool after a hot flush.  

Why swimsuits may not be a good idea while in menopause

Swimming costumes can be extremely hot to wear because they do not allow skin to breathe easily, as a result, not great during hot flushes. Consider wearing a bikini. With so many different styles of available, there will be one that fits your body type. If the thought of wearing a bikini fills you with horror, reflect on that fact that it is more important what you think of yourself than what others think of you. if you feel self conscious throw on a lovely bright light sarong, or throw over.  Life is way too short to bother about other peoples opinions.      

Spicy foods and alcohol

Spicy food and alcohol during menopause are likely to increase symptoms of menopause. There may be temptation to tuck into a Thai green curry, or spicy chicken fajitas washed down with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. However, it may be better to go for a lovely dish of Moules, or steamed fish and salad. 


Cotton sheets and fans

In temperatures of 40 degrees  it is likely that the air conditioning will be running. Discard duvets and replace with cotton sheets. In addition, switching on the AC two hours before bed may help because the room will be cool by bedtime.

Hand held fans

There may be times in the heat that you feel as if spontaneous combustion may happen at any moment. God forbid if a hot flush comes on at this time because you are already at boiling point. A hand-held fan is the best item in your handbag. The instant cooling effect of the fan on your face and neck is going to help you feel more comfortable, cool and happy.  

Bed snuggles and body heat in menopause

The idea of lots of snuggling and post coital cuddles may sound very romantic pre-holiday.  However, in reality this feeling may change. Having another hot body squashed against you while already feeling hot could be your worst nightmare.


Pool or beach

Some say that the beach is more comfortable for you than poolside because of a cooling sea breeze. However, sea breezes can be hot too. Similarly sea temperature can feel like a hot bath! A temperature controlled swimming pool will be cooler. As a result, this maybe something to consider when booking a holiday.

Hair up or down?

Wearing long hair down on a hot holiday leads to back of neck sweats. Not to mention beads of sweat trickling between your breasts. Not comfortable at all. Wear hair up as  much as possible. A cool breeze on the back of the neck feels wonderful during hot moments.

Choose dates of travel wisely

This is one of the most important considerations when planning a holiday. Booking at the height of summer season is not wise because of the reasons mentioned above. Research temperatures and select dates accordingly. An cloud or two may be welcome.

An ideal packing list

Here is an ideal packing list:

Hand fan

Hair accessories

Cotton and linen clothes



Light throw overs

Sense of humour

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog.  Please feel free to visit the site to read other blogs, or to browse around the shop to see how we can assist and support your journey in your forties and beyond.

Have a cool holiday!


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