Moving home. The physical and emotional rollercoaster

Moving home

Moving home

It’s been a little while since I posted a blog. To be honest, my mind and body needed to take some time out after moving home. This blog was born while in the middle of looking for another house and moving home. Those who know me well, also know that I do this often. However, in this move, I pushed myself beyond my limits physically, mentally and emotionally. It also coincided with a big life event – my lovely daughters’ wedding, moving to new therapy practice. In addition, recovering from a heavy chest infection on a return from the USA. Lots of change all happening at once. Luckily I had a holiday in the sunshine planned in advance post move.

Recognizing where your energy levels are at while moving home

Moving home

For those of you familiar with moving home, you will recognize that it can lead to feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. You may also find that you are running on adrenalin which isn’t ideal from a health perspective. Ignoring the little signs that you are in need of rest leads to bigger signs later. Moving home although exciting can also be a sad time if you are leaving family and friends behind. This is especially true if you are moving abroad. Luckily this move wasn’t as far in distance as last years from Aberdeen Scotland to England. However, this was the move that tired me out the most because I didn’t pay attention to ‘the signs’ my body was giving me.

Staying balanced while moving home

The physical house move can be done seamlessly and fairly easily with a professional moving company. On the other hand, you may wish to cut costs a little and do the move yourself. This decision is a personal one based on budget and preference. Whichever you choose, staying balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally is paramount. Moving home lock, stock and barrel can be a very stressful time, particularly if you are working full time. On a lighter note people always know when I’m in the middle of moving home as my nails are all broken and my hands look like they’ve been pulling potatoes in the farmers field.

Moving home

Planning well ahead before moving home is wise

You may think that moving home is a case of popping out for the day and leaving the movers to do their job. This can and does happen, however, careful planning ahead leads to less tension, worry, and stress. You have a timeline of packing, moving out and moving in. As a result, good planning and organization, leads to a much smoother experience.

Start writing lists

Once you know that your are moving, start to make lists of all the things that need to be done:

  • arranging removal company
  • packing materials
  • clutter clear
  • pack valuable and personal belongings separately
  • deal with all necessary documentation
  • deal with energy suppliers
  • arrange internet connection at new home
  • moving date in diary
  • be as organized as you can be

Self-care while moving home

Moving home

Taking care of your physical and emotional needs is just as important as your ‘lists’. Trying to move home when you feel less than your best will leave you feeling burnout out and drained both during the move and afterward. Consequently, it pays to tune into how you feel, and what your body is telling you. There may be days when you feel you really need an early night. So what if it’s 8 pm at night. Your body is telling you it’s tired. Pay attention and give it what it needs. Good quality sleep recharges and replenishes your energy levels.

Fuel your body

Moving home can throw daily routines and healthy eating out the window for a while. The temptation to order in one too many takeaways may take over. We all know that much of takeaway food is not nutritious and certainly not the best fuel for your body. Make meal organization part of your pre-planning. Take advantage of some of healthy food delivery companies out there. Fresh organic ingredients and a recipe delivered to your dinner. As a result, all you need to focus on is putting it together as per the instructions and voila you have a healthy meal rather than a Pizza, KFC or whatever your takeaway of choice.

Create relaxation time after moving home

Once the towels are in place, and your home is exactly as you want it, your body will begin to release tension and exhale. Scheduling a holiday or a break after the move gives you the opportunity to step away and recharge your batteries. It needn’t involve getting on a plane because moving can be costly. Therefore, a staycation can be equally rejuvenating. Whether you are a glamper, camper, boutique hotel fiend, or a plane hopper, taking timeout helps you to disconnect from any remaining tension and stress and to reconnect with your inner peace. Acknowledge that you’ve been on a moving home journey and its time to feel at home in your mind and body again.

Finding your sparkle and zest again

So during my time in the sunshine (yes I plane hopped) I took the opportunity to reawaken my energies and vitality again. Fresh air, sunshine, ocean, nature, organic food from the market (more on that trip coming up on the destination blog). Time to reflect on the consequences of forgetting to listen to my physical and emotional needs during this move. More importantly, ignoring the signs that rest was needed.

It's okay to relax post move

It’s okay to press pause

Pressing pause on certain aspects of life is necessary sometimes. This allows you to do a life edit. Giving yourself the gift of reflecting on what is working for you and what isn’t. Space to define if any areas of your life have fallen out of balance. In that space, solutions, and insights bubble up to the surface. You may find that you start to go through a ‘letting go’ process in the realization that you may have been giving too much of yourself away. Pressing pause allows you to get clarity on changes you may wish to make to make on wellbeing or other areas. Let that be okay. Moving home can also be a fresh awakening and a new beginning.

I hope you have enjoyed this Blog, feel free to read others on the site. How do you feel about moving home?


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