Prestonfield House – A delicious ​meal at the opulent Rhubarb Restaurant

Prestonfield House is stunning. Located in Edinburgh a City you never quite tire from. Buzzing with life, and tourists, it can all be a bit mad and hectic. What better way than to slip away for a real treat of delicious food in the oh so elegant and sumptuous Rhubarb Restaurant at the five stars Prestonfield House.

Prestonfield House
Prestonfield House

Prestonfield House and The Witchery – both amazing!

I’m no stranger to Prestonfield House or The Witchery, both are awesome places to stay for very different reasons. Each oozing luxury and class. All 23 rooms are decorated differently. Prestonfield House is one of Edinburgh’s most luxurious exclusive hotels. For now, I will focus on the Rhubarb Restaurant gastronomic yummy experience.

Time away with a best friend

Spending time with friends is so important for overall wellbeing. It doesn’t take much of an excuse to meet up with my bestie to catch up on all the gossip, natter, and talk for hours. An opportunity to indulge the tastebuds and squeeze in a Spa day along the way. How could we go wrong with Edinburgh and Prestonfield House? Perfect choice.

Why Rhubarb at Prestonfields?

Why not? Escaping the buzz and noise of Princes Street and the Royal Mile is a great way to revive energy for the next day. In addition, Prestonfields is literally five minutes via taxi ride from the centre of Edinburgh, however it feels a world away. The name itself came from the fact it was the first estate in Scotland to bring Rhubarb back to life in abundance in the 18th century.

Prestonfield House

A grand entrance at Prestonfield House

With its grand exterior, you can’t help but feel a “wee” bit posh as you pull up at the grand entrance of Prestonfield House. Set in the seclusion of a country estate, next to the famous Arthurs Seat. Firstly you are met by some fine Scottish gentlemen in even finer kilts (can never have enough kilts). Secondly, the service is impeccable from start to finish. We were greeted warmly and led to the Restaurant.

Perfect ambience

The decor in Rhubarb is stunning. Velvet textures, chandeliers, and low lighting add to the atmosphere. Statement antiques are dotted around everywhere. Even the loos are opulent! The grand Regency rooms are truly dramatic and stylish. People talk in hushed tones, however, it is certainly not stuffy in the least. We chose our bottle of wine and took a bit of time – like three seconds to choose from the menu because it was so good! The menu itself featured fine Scottish fare. Even better.

Two hours passed quickly

The pace of service can be so wrong in some restaurants. There is nothing worse than feeling as if it’s an eat and run experience. Alternatively, have a waiter hover, mentally willing you to inhale the meal at marathon speed. Nope, this wasn’t the case with Rhubarb because the pace was timely and perfect. Service was discreet, professional and friendly. When my best friend and I get together we don’t stop talking, therefore, when silence descended at the table, we gave each other the “this is bloody yummy look”. A good sign.

That’s not going to fill me up!

Portions arrive on a huge plate, consequently, your tummy tells you that you’re still going to be hungry afterward. This was not the case at all. Ending with dessert we were more than pleasantly satisfied. Gazing down at our full stomachs protruding out of tight dresses, we knew we couldn’t have eaten another thing. Handbags strategically placed over the food baby, we headed off for a wander to deflate. There are lots of gorgeous nooks and crannies to be found at Prestonfield House. Lovely place to relax and chat.

Prestonfield House and Rhubarb – well recommended

Eventually, we headed back into Edinburgh to continue our evening, slightly more tipsy than we arrived, but very happy. In conclusion, this visit to Rhubarb was just as good as my first. Certainly a place I would recommend and will return to. Don’t forget to look out for the special deals that come up on the site. In addition, their afternoon teas are gorgeous. Try the champagne afternoon tea, the haggis bonbons are a treat. For a truly romantic experience with your loved one, check out the private Salon Privee.

Prestonfield House
Afternoon tea

Not as expensive as you think

With all of the above, you would imagine that prices would be through the roof. This is not the case at all. Set menus are available with no compromise on the standard of food whatsoever. Three courses are around £38, very decent. In addition, the afternoon tea at £30 is also priced well. Lunches start from £22 and A La Carte is also offered. With something to appeal to all budgets and tastes. No wonder people return again and again to this baroque home of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

Have a fabulous time!

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