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Beautiful Venice

Hi! I’m Isobel, Welcome to the Expat Queen Blog. I share my life with my very patient funny husband and two pensioner bulldogs. In addition. People say I’m on the move constantly. This is true because I’ve got a soul hungry for travel, adventure, personal growth and all things in between.

To travel is to expand your experience of life

Enjoy your time on the site. Having been an expat for over 28 years and an avid traveller, it was time to share information, experiences, and lessons learned along the way, separate to my work in health and wellbeing. Those 28 years of expat life enriched my life in so many ways. It gave the opportunity to taste new countries, cities, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Consequently, I’m all about collecting memories, not “things”.

What do I blog about besides travel?

I blog about destinations I have travelled to, places I have lived, expat life, food, health & wellbeing, and recommendations. In addition, there is a diary section called Tales of an Expat.

I created this blog to help expats, prospective expats, returning expats and lovers of travel to connect and have a place to share information. It is my hope that this blog inspires you in some way to travel, whether that be as an expat or to explore other countries and places. In addition, taking care of your own health & wellbeing at the same time.

The world is too big to just stay in one place!

Where have I lived?

To date, I’ve lived in Kenya, Singapore, Cyprus, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, back to Dubai, Scotland and England.

Where have I been?

So far, its 35 countries and still travelling

Expat life

Becoming an expat can take you out of your comfort zone on many levels. Leaving all that is familiar can be incredibly exciting yet daunting at the same time. Sometimes you just need to hear other experiences about expat life. On the site, you will find expat interviews from other expats. Perhaps this may help you in some way. There is also more detailed information on other aspects of expat life.


The returning expat

A few years ago my husband and I returned to the UK after 28 years away, and we’re still moving around and travelling within the UK too, and taking as many vacations as we can.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch, ask questions, or leave a comment (positive I hope) on a post you may like.


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